Super Prostate 3x

Overall Rating:

86 / 100
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Super Prostate 3x

Overall Rating:

86 / 100

Trusted for Over 5 Years

  • Impressive sterol scores
  • Rich in vitamins and other compounds
  • 45% beta-sitosterol sterol blend
*Results may vary on individual.

The people over at Teraherbs have really outdone themselves with this excellent prostate supplement. Scoring an impressive 359mg of Beta-Sitosterol and 702mg of overall sterols, Super Prostate 3X is what we would like to call a touchdown in terms of prostate support. From the vast amounts of Amino Acids, to the countless number of vitamins and minerals, Super Prostate 3X has really proven itself as not only a great prostate supplement, but a phenomenal health supplement in general.

Is the formula for Super Prostate 3x effective?

As it has been said over and over again, when it comes to prostate health, the single most important factor is sterols. Sterols, specifically Beta-Sitosterol, is truly what separates the prime-time players from the mediocre. It’s like comparing Tom Brady to Colin Kaepernick, both great quarterbacks, but one definitely outshines the other. A single look at the Super Prostate 3X formula shows that it is definitely a prime-time player. Teraherbs has went ahead and included an extremely potent Plant Phytosterol Complex in its formula, with an impressive 45% beta-sitosterol ratio. If this wasn’t enough, they also included Selenium, Zinc, and countless other amino acids and compounds that have great effectiveness in supporting prostate health and overall health as well.

How Does Super Prostate 3x Compare to other supplements?

Overall, Super Prostate 3X is an amazing prostate supplement, with the scores to prove it. It’s highly concentrated Plant Phytosterol Complex provides an impressive amount of Beta-Sitosterol, and various vitamins, minerals, and other compounds added in the formula are also refreshing to see. While most prostate supplements may focus on maybe one or two of these ingredients, Super Prostate 3X has went the extra mile and included a wide range of these crucial compounds and vitamins. Teraherbs is obviously making smart decisions with their formulas, and is providing a truly effective and potent prostate supplement with real potential.

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